Alan Leslie Procter For Moortown – UKIP Candidate

Visit the JennyC  “cross in the election song” by clicking here

you looked me up on my blog. Its quite likely that you found me by typing my name, Alan Leslie Procter and doing an internet search, having found my name on a postal vote ballot paper, UKIP? or Moortown.

Thanks for looking at my page, I have my roots in Moortown and Meanwood, where my father worked at the Rakusens family company making Matzo and digging the allotment. I always worked for the railways, either as in IT or as today, Chairman of Railways Pensioner meeting.

I was a Labour councillor, for some years for Cookridge, then got involved as a company director at Leeds co-operative and have always tried to help my community.

I have four grown up children and at least three grandchildren, and they all are lucky to have jobs and a family. I am happily divorced and my lady friend Jenny keeps me happy.

I met Jenny in Moortown Club, but its over the ring road, not in Moortown Ward

Basic issues in Moortown, as I see it is that there are three Labour councillors, but they don’t seem to have enough contact with the community. We need regular councillor surgeries.

A few issues have got out of hand locally, like the Moortown School Field fiasco, car parking on pavements, at bus stops and all the usual things, like the Lingfield pub over the ring road. Merger with Cookridge Fire Station, and the strange fact that LS17 has more consumer debt than anywhere else in England, Foodbank worries?

I believe that if elected I could generate better community leadership in Moortown, try to get our diverse community together. Have weekly councillor surgeries for residents.

As I am retired, I have the time to help the Moortown family as a councillor. Got experience of living in all age groups. My main committment now is to the NHS, where I do some voluntary work as a member of the Council of Governors at the Partnership Trust.

This blog is aimed at postal voters who might  have looked me up today, please read all the election papers before you vote and support my campaign to be a councillor for Moortown !

Alan Leslie Procter my E-Mail is I would like to hear from you about community concerns?





Elections Can Be Fun : JennyC Meanwood Answer to Daft Youtube BNP Labour!

Well, its 8 May, I just got the first version of our local Meanwood singer songwriter Jenny C.

Its called “Cross In De Election” to hear this click on the following link   Jenny 2064 Election 2014

Jenny told me this was inspired a very silly BNP Cartoon link  Banned BNP 2014

And a Labour Ridiculous Shrinking Man experiment. link   Mind the Cats Cleggy!

Elections can be fun and versions 2 & 3 of “Cross in De Election”  will be here soon ?

Thanks to UKIP Leeds West and Pudsey, please remember 28,000 postal votes went out today so tomorrow is election day for a lot of people ?

Put Your Cross In De Election For UKip ! JennyC Verson2 Cross in The Election is Here !




Yorkshire Bank Sports Field Moortown

I have been contacted by a prospective constituent regarding an ongoing issue regarding the former Yorkshire Bank Sports Field.

Leeds City Council are looking for comments regarding this but as the closing date is 9 May so we need to  get this done straight away.

Residents that want to make comments can go to the council website planning  address here and use planning reference number 14/01839 or Allerton Grove as a search?

This issue has been going on a long time and is unlikely to be resolved quickly. The basic conflict is that that Moortown School need green space, as local residents do!

I was involved in a similar campaign for Tinshill Recreation Ground where there was a similar situation with Ralph Thoresby High School.

The council solution here was to fence off part of the green space and keep it locked during the school day. When the school is closed, the area is unlocked and it is used by Tinshill Residents!

This might be a compromise solution for Moortown Primary? I hope to submit an objection to planning application but I have registered my details with the council, but not got a reply yet for access by the closing date, why not have a go after reading this?

Ain’t No Place Like Moortown – But Where Are The Labour Councillors?

My first day of canvassing in Moortown was on St Georges Day, down at the Meanwood end.

I knocked on quite number of doors and some had seen the Labour leaflets. read them and knew the candidate.

I was asked where the regular councillor surgeries were! I looked this up on the council website and can inform you that they don’t seem to have any!

” Due to low turnout I don’t have any fixed surgeries but if you would like to speak to me about any council matter or would like to meet with me in person, please feel free to contact me directly or via the Labour Group Office on 0113 2476922.

I will also be running mobile surgeries with my ward colleagues throughout the year across the ward, so please look out for further information.

When I was a councillor for cookridge ward I held surgeries every week and If I were to be elected I would have fixed surgeries for Moortown residents!

I quite like the idea of a virtual surgery for those on internet!


Save Moortown Primary School’s Access To Our Green Space! Petition

I signed this online petition today on  that will be sent to Moortown councillors Sharon Hamilton, Alex Sobel and council Director of Children’s services if it gets over 500 votes, please support!

“The former Yorkshire Bank playing field behind Moortown Primary School has recently been sold to a developer who has outline planning consent to build a small number of houses on this site.

Throughout the consultation and design process, the governing body of Moortown Primary School worked with Moortown Community Group, Lime Tree Community Trust, our local ward councillors and the developers. The school and parents were led to believe at all stages that some provision for the school would be made in any planning application submitted.

Last autumn, outline planning permission was granted and the above groups all came together to the Stakeholder Workshopl held in November 2013. Again, we were led to believe that a portion of the land would be used for housing and the remaining land (about eight acres) would be given to Leeds City Council with some of it being a public park and some of it being for the school.

Unfortunately all our hard work and campaigning seems to have been Ignored.

The park is planned to be an informal grassland area. As such, it is unlikely that our school will be able to make use of it for activities such as sports day or organised sports as we do now.

The governing body and parents feel that the current proposals will be detrimental to the children of Moortown Primary School. We ask you to join us in raising objections to the plans when they are submitted on the grounds that the school has lost access to private green space and for there to be a park for the whole community to enjoy.


Mr Nigel Richardson, Director of Children’s Services, Leeds City Council

Sharon Hamilton

Alex Sobel

Save Moortown Primary School’s access to our green space!


signed, Alan Procter 07/05/2014


Alan Procter Moortown UKIP Local Election Campaign Launched May 7 2014

Its a good day to start the campaign after some interesting meetings, yesterday was the Partnership Trust meeting in York and my companion Jenny C took time out to record her Euro Election song during the break. Elections are serious but they can be fun. I have now fixed all computer problems and recent virus problems have been eliminated.

There are two meetings tonight in Leeds regarding the campaign, I understand both are beiing recorded and will be on Youtube tomorrow! I hope to be there?

1) European Elections Hustings at the Carriageworks 730pm UKIP Candidate Jason Smith Present!

2) Anti UKIP meeting at the Fenton Pub near Leeds Met SWP

I signed a petition today regarding an issue regarding green space at Moortown Primary School.

All campaign materials are available and the latest project is to get the web sites searchable. If anyone notices any unauthorised changes or hacking, please let me know on


Virus Problem Passed To Labour Cllr Alex Sobell : Anti UKIP Meeting Complaint

Its early days in Election Campaign 2014, main problems at the moment are a possible computer virus from Moortown Labour Party and a proposed anti-ukip party meeting at the Fenton Pub supported by potentially illegal fly posting.

I have passed details of the virus issue to Cllr Alex Sobell, Moortown and given extra information, it turns out that my windows mail has blocked several thousand messages from councillor Sharon Hamilton, on the grounds that they are suspicious and locked for my safety, advice was given that I should have had anti virus running when I pressed the unblock button. I did not so its clearly my fault that I have had spam from the Labour candidate for Moortown and details have been passed by Cllr Alex Sobell to Cllr Hamilton to try and get this sorted.

Meanwhile down in Hyde Park and Woodhouse Ward an Anti UKIP meeting has been arranged by flyposters nailed to poles at “The Fenton Pub on Wednesday 7 May.”

It is supposed to be arranged by the Leeds Met Socialist WorkerStudent Society.

They have raised the Race issue, SWP, and dozens of Green SWP posters have been published  without the legal requirement for an indent being satisfied, I phoned the SWP up tonight to get them to invesigate this problem.

As part of my campaign I went down to the Fenton Pub to express my concerns about the anti-ukip meeting, the playing of the race card etc. It turned out that the Landlord only started the job today and gave me the Fenton phone number to find out if the anti Ukip meeting was still going ahead on Wednesday between 5-6 Pm

As it is a public anti Ukip Meeting, Maybe YOU could go?

Appeal to Meanwood and Moortown UKIP Supporters for help!

I was down in Meanwood Waitrose tonight, its good, meanwhile when you have to get the bus home you have to walk half a mile to the junction where th 51/52 meet.

As Meanwood/Moortown Ukip candidate I need support locally. I have offered the lead role to someone who lives nearby. Basic idea is that this person can be a polling agent, counting agent and oversee postal vote opening. I pay expenses, and unlimited mobile data, phone and text.

Whilst this is going on I need a further counting agent, a volunteer to be a candidates guest, and a reserve lead role person.

Any volunteers for the UKIP Moortown can contact me on

The candidate guest job would be a good way into getting into politics, for a local Moortown activist that might need experience and encouragement?

Moortown Labour Party Facebook Manifesto : Virus

My computer was hit by a malware virus yesterday. It has considerably upset my UKIP election campaign as I missed various deadlines. The virus struck whilst I was printing a copy of the Moortown Labour Party facebook versions of their candidate’s manifesto and leaflet. The virus has disabled all my printers.

I was alerted to the Labour facebook by a message from Sharon Hamilton’s Facebook site to Billy, who was a character created my me six years ago as an anonymous platform for discussion by adults with autism.

Sharon regards Billy as a close friend so alerts are posted to him quite frequently by e-mail when Sharon changes her site. These changes have been so frequent that any mail sent by her  site are put into my junk mail on an automatic basis. I had no idea Sharon Hamilton, Nurse was the same person as  the Moortown Labour candidate until yesterday.

I noticed a junk mail alert that included “Moortown Labour Party ” in the heading, as I am the Moortown UKIP candidate i found this very interesting. When I explored the link lots of details appeared about Labour’s Moortown campaign, including Sharon’s Manifesto and Leaflet.

I decided to print it out to take it to last nights UKIP meeting. After four attempts my printer refused to work. I tried various troubleshooting programs that concluded that there was a problem with something called spooling. I fixed this but every time I tried to print it  still failed.

I ran a program to check for suspected malware. When I came back from UKIP it had detected a virus that I was able to quarantine.

My printers still do not work so I am making alternative campaigning arrangements.

It really is an amazing co-incidence. Sharon could have had no Idea the message she sent went to, me the UKIP candidate. Nor would the Moortown Labour know I was looking at their facebook page.

I have no idea where the virus came from, possibly somewhere on Facebook, just need to get things working.

Disrupted by technology failings, my anti-virus was switched off!!!



NHS Leeds & York Partnership Foundation Trust Election To Council Of Governors

As a member of the NHS foundation Trust Council, its very important to get the election results out.

There were eight candidates in the contested elections, and candidates were listed by Electoral Reform Services.

Out of the eight candidates, four of these were registered as members of political parties.

2 Labour Party, 1 Green Party and 1 Liberal Democrat.

The Labour party members were not elected, nor was the Green Party member.

A Liberal Democrat member was elected and two who were not politcal party members.

Successful Public Constituency candidates were as follows:

Leeds- Lindsay Joanne Dransfield

York- Richard Brown and James Morgan

Welcome to the Trust? further details are on the trust website and electoral reform services.