Poster Wars Break Out In Moortown Following Thunderstorm UKIP

I was out and about in Moortown today, sunny warm, people out in gardens talking.

I got the impression that most people have made up their mind who to vote for, and the only way the turnout can be changed, maybe is the weather, latest forecast for 22 May is the chance of heavy thundery rain?

There were flash floods in parts of north Leeds today, and following three nearby lightning strikes, I abandoned the campaign, and put my remaining two posters allocated on Otley Old Road.

I only have about 50 Leaflets left to hand deliver in Moortown, and the next job is to deliver and erect 270 roadside posters.

If any UKIP supporters can help the poster campaign in Moortown, most welcome but there are limitations due to election expenses rules?

There are four kinds of UKIP Moortown posters,

1) Vote UKIP Lib Dems, Labour Etc are All Same!

2) Vote UKIP old version with Procter on it!

3) Procter Poster

4) I’m Voting Ukip

Its unlikely that the local Labour Party , Big Parties, will get any roadside poster out because they think they will win,

Please support my campaign to erect at least 270 roadside posters in Moortown for a UKIP Win!


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