Queenshill & Meanwood Campaigning – Fast Food Junk Mail

I have been campaigning in the Queenshill and Moortown areas in the last couple of days. A very positive response from people on doorstep.

Delivered lots of leaflets and identified poster sites, 136 of them! meanwhile something quite funny happened, in the Queenshills. A lot of homes threre have anti- leaflet posters up and I now understand why.

As I went around the estate yesterday lots of letter boxes had take away leaflets stuck out of them.

I respected residents views and pushed the UKIP leaflets whatever out of sight. Later on Queenshill Drive A small army of leaflet delivery persons went from house to house, big red leaflets, no it was not the Labour party, the pizza guys.

There needs to be some kind of official notice to stop fast food junk mail from people who cannot read english?

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