Alan Procter For Meanwood & Moortown – Election Day Tomorrow 22 May

The UKIP campaign team were out and about in Moortown again on a nice warm sunny day.

A tortoise has gone missing on Church Lane, the local NHS Primary Care Trust had a meeting down Scott Hall Road and whilst campaigning we met an Hon Alderman, Penny, who let us know about some other local issues.Leaflets were found from an organisation called power of speech uk.

Issues regarding the UKIP campaign so far, are that people think there are not enough posters out and information leaflets. That will change.

Some of the Big Parties insist that councillors pay a percentage to them as a condition of being nominated.

UKIP do not do this and we candidates have to pay our own way. Even if a UKIP candidate has the money to fund a full election campaign, the election materials have to be approved by head office before publication and this can be a timescale problem.

Other questions, “Is Sharon Hamilton the wife of Fabian Hamilton MP” – Dont Know

Is Labour Councillor candidate for Chapel Allerton Jane Dowson Alan Procter’s former Partner “Yes”

UKIP MoortownCampaigning now suspended and will start again when the rain stops on tuesday afternoon.

The basic Idea for election day is to visit all polling stations and try and get you to  vote.

But what else will UKIP do in Moortown Thursday? Will the Lib Dems put out thousands of tiny posters? Protest, vote Procter!

Alan Leslie Procter



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