Election Poster Frenzy In Moortown! – Protest : Vote Procter : UKIP

This has to be good news for the UKIP protest vote, I have never seen as many election posters before in one ward. This will really motivate people who want change.

There are Labour posters scattered down Meanwood Road, Jane Dowson for Chapel Allerton. then from Meanwood to Moortown verges are covered with Re-Elect Sharon Hamilton.

The Conservatives and AGS were there too but I only saw one Lib Dem poster.

When I saw the AGS posters near Baptist Church I thought someone had built a fence.

The UKIP lorry is going out later to take advantage of the nice weather and get more posters out following the school run.

Its going to rain heavily on election day morning, so if your voting UKIP find your brolly now.

Protest – Vote Procter – 22 May 2014!

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