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Sharon Hamilton Labour Facebook Page – JennyC (Version 3)

There is an ongoing problem between Labour and UKIP in Moortown Ward Leeds, who will win?

Meanwhile Jenny is giving advice to be careful who you let in your home and where you put the cross in the election. You can see this on Cross In The Election by JennyC(Version3) !

Looking forward to meeting prospective Moortown Constituents thursday afternoon.

Alan Leslie Procter



Alan Procter For Meanwood & Moortown – Election Day Tomorrow 22 May

The UKIP campaign team were out and about in Moortown again on a nice warm sunny day.

A tortoise has gone missing on Church Lane, the local NHS Primary Care Trust had a meeting down Scott Hall Road and whilst campaigning we met an Hon Alderman, Penny, who let us know about some other local issues.Leaflets were found from an organisation called power of speech uk.

Issues regarding the UKIP campaign so far, are that people think there are not enough posters out and information leaflets. That will change.

Some of the Big Parties insist that councillors pay a percentage to them as a condition of being nominated.

UKIP do not do this and we candidates have to pay our own way. Even if a UKIP candidate has the money to fund a full election campaign, the election materials have to be approved by head office before publication and this can be a timescale problem.

Other questions, “Is Sharon Hamilton the wife of Fabian Hamilton MP” – Dont Know

Is Labour Councillor candidate for Chapel Allerton Jane Dowson Alan Procter’s former Partner “Yes”

UKIP MoortownCampaigning now suspended and will start again when the rain stops on tuesday afternoon.

The basic Idea for election day is to visit all polling stations and try and get you to  vote.

But what else will UKIP do in Moortown Thursday? Will the Lib Dems put out thousands of tiny posters? Protest, vote Procter!

Alan Leslie Procter



Election Poster Frenzy In Moortown! – Protest : Vote Procter : UKIP

This has to be good news for the UKIP protest vote, I have never seen as many election posters before in one ward. This will really motivate people who want change.

There are Labour posters scattered down Meanwood Road, Jane Dowson for Chapel Allerton. then from Meanwood to Moortown verges are covered with Re-Elect Sharon Hamilton.

The Conservatives and AGS were there too but I only saw one Lib Dem poster.

When I saw the AGS posters near Baptist Church I thought someone had built a fence.

The UKIP lorry is going out later to take advantage of the nice weather and get more posters out following the school run.

Its going to rain heavily on election day morning, so if your voting UKIP find your brolly now.

Protest – Vote Procter – 22 May 2014!

Poster Wars Break Out In Moortown Following Thunderstorm UKIP

I was out and about in Moortown today, sunny warm, people out in gardens talking.

I got the impression that most people have made up their mind who to vote for, and the only way the turnout can be changed, maybe is the weather, latest forecast for 22 May is the chance of heavy thundery rain?

There were flash floods in parts of north Leeds today, and following three nearby lightning strikes, I abandoned the campaign, and put my remaining two posters allocated on Otley Old Road.

I only have about 50 Leaflets left to hand deliver in Moortown, and the next job is to deliver and erect 270 roadside posters.

If any UKIP supporters can help the poster campaign in Moortown, most welcome but there are limitations due to election expenses rules?

There are four kinds of UKIP Moortown posters,

1) Vote UKIP Lib Dems, Labour Etc are All Same!

2) Vote UKIP old version with Procter on it!

3) Procter Poster

4) I’m Voting Ukip

Its unlikely that the local Labour Party , Big Parties, will get any roadside poster out because they think they will win,

Please support my campaign to erect at least 270 roadside posters in Moortown for a UKIP Win!


Moortown Primary School Sports Field Update

I visited the area on Friday, got the no 2 bus up Harrogate Road in the afternoon. The road was still coned off following the funeral of a Moortown resident.

Moortown Primary School is a fine stone building with a green space behind it. There has been a planning isssue regarding this and Leeds council have made an announcement regarding gifted land.

Leeds council is to consult residents on the use of this land in the near future.

When a similar issue happened in Tinshill, it was agreed that part of the recreation ground would be fenced off, and reserved for Ralph Thoresby High School.

When the school is closed, the field is unlocked and residents can use it. This compromise has worked, could this be a way forward for Moortown?

Queenshill & Meanwood Campaigning – Fast Food Junk Mail

I have been campaigning in the Queenshill and Moortown areas in the last couple of days. A very positive response from people on doorstep.

Delivered lots of leaflets and identified poster sites, 136 of them! meanwhile something quite funny happened, in the Queenshills. A lot of homes threre have anti- leaflet posters up and I now understand why.

As I went around the estate yesterday lots of letter boxes had take away leaflets stuck out of them.

I respected residents views and pushed the UKIP leaflets whatever out of sight. Later on Queenshill Drive A small army of leaflet delivery persons went from house to house, big red leaflets, no it was not the Labour party, the pizza guys.

There needs to be some kind of official notice to stop fast food junk mail from people who cannot read english?

Alan Leslie Procter For Moortown – UKIP Candidate

Visit the JennyC  “cross in the election song” by clicking here

you looked me up on my blog. Its quite likely that you found me by typing my name, Alan Leslie Procter and doing an internet search, having found my name on a postal vote ballot paper, UKIP? or Moortown.

Thanks for looking at my page, I have my roots in Moortown and Meanwood, where my father worked at the Rakusens family company making Matzo and digging the allotment. I always worked for the railways, either as in IT or as today, Chairman of Railways Pensioner meeting.

I was a Labour councillor, for some years for Cookridge, then got involved as a company director at Leeds co-operative and have always tried to help my community.

I have four grown up children and at least three grandchildren, and they all are lucky to have jobs and a family. I am happily divorced and my lady friend Jenny keeps me happy.

I met Jenny in Moortown Club, but its over the ring road, not in Moortown Ward

Basic issues in Moortown, as I see it is that there are three Labour councillors, but they don’t seem to have enough contact with the community. We need regular councillor surgeries.

A few issues have got out of hand locally, like the Moortown School Field fiasco, car parking on pavements, at bus stops and all the usual things, like the Lingfield pub over the ring road. Merger with Cookridge Fire Station, and the strange fact that LS17 has more consumer debt than anywhere else in England, Foodbank worries?

I believe that if elected I could generate better community leadership in Moortown, try to get our diverse community together. Have weekly councillor surgeries for residents.

As I am retired, I have the time to help the Moortown family as a councillor. Got experience of living in all age groups. My main committment now is to the NHS, where I do some voluntary work as a member of the Council of Governors at the Partnership Trust.

This blog is aimed at postal voters who might  have looked me up today, please read all the election papers before you vote and support my campaign to be a councillor for Moortown !

Alan Leslie Procter my E-Mail is I would like to hear from you about community concerns?





Elections Can Be Fun : JennyC Meanwood Answer to Daft Youtube BNP Labour!

Well, its 8 May, I just got the first version of our local Meanwood singer songwriter Jenny C.

Its called “Cross In De Election” to hear this click on the following link   Jenny 2064 Election 2014

Jenny told me this was inspired a very silly BNP Cartoon link  Banned BNP 2014

And a Labour Ridiculous Shrinking Man experiment. link   Mind the Cats Cleggy!

Elections can be fun and versions 2 & 3 of “Cross in De Election”  will be here soon ?

Thanks to UKIP Leeds West and Pudsey, please remember 28,000 postal votes went out today so tomorrow is election day for a lot of people ?

Put Your Cross In De Election For UKip ! JennyC Verson2 Cross in The Election is Here !




Yorkshire Bank Sports Field Moortown

I have been contacted by a prospective constituent regarding an ongoing issue regarding the former Yorkshire Bank Sports Field.

Leeds City Council are looking for comments regarding this but as the closing date is 9 May so we need to  get this done straight away.

Residents that want to make comments can go to the council website planning  address here and use planning reference number 14/01839 or Allerton Grove as a search?

This issue has been going on a long time and is unlikely to be resolved quickly. The basic conflict is that that Moortown School need green space, as local residents do!

I was involved in a similar campaign for Tinshill Recreation Ground where there was a similar situation with Ralph Thoresby High School.

The council solution here was to fence off part of the green space and keep it locked during the school day. When the school is closed, the area is unlocked and it is used by Tinshill Residents!

This might be a compromise solution for Moortown Primary? I hope to submit an objection to planning application but I have registered my details with the council, but not got a reply yet for access by the closing date, why not have a go after reading this?

Ain’t No Place Like Moortown – But Where Are The Labour Councillors?

My first day of canvassing in Moortown was on St Georges Day, down at the Meanwood end.

I knocked on quite number of doors and some had seen the Labour leaflets. read them and knew the candidate.

I was asked where the regular councillor surgeries were! I looked this up on the council website and can inform you that they don’t seem to have any!

” Due to low turnout I don’t have any fixed surgeries but if you would like to speak to me about any council matter or would like to meet with me in person, please feel free to contact me directly or via the Labour Group Office on 0113 2476922.

I will also be running mobile surgeries with my ward colleagues throughout the year across the ward, so please look out for further information.

When I was a councillor for cookridge ward I held surgeries every week and If I were to be elected I would have fixed surgeries for Moortown residents!

I quite like the idea of a virtual surgery for those on internet!