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NHS Leeds & York Partnership Foundation Trust Election To Council Of Governors

As a member of the NHS foundation Trust Council, its very important to get the election results out.

There were eight candidates in the contested elections, and candidates were listed by Electoral Reform Services.

Out of the eight candidates, four of these were registered as members of political parties.

2 Labour Party, 1 Green Party and 1 Liberal Democrat.

The Labour party members were not elected, nor was the Green Party member.

A Liberal Democrat member was elected and two who were not politcal party members.

Successful Public Constituency candidates were as follows:

Leeds- Lindsay Joanne Dransfield

York- Richard Brown and James Morgan

Welcome to the Trust? further details are on the trust website and electoral reform services.

Candidate Briefing Report UKIP Candidate Moortown Alan Procter

My first official engagement following nomination, was to attend candidate and agents briefings Sullivan Room, Leeds Town Hall today 28 April at 10:30 AM.

The invitation to this event went out to all 177 prospective candidates for the 22 May elections and their agents, maximum possible attendence 354 souls.

In the event only 29 people turned up, I believe that this is yet another indication that something is wrong with our electoral system.

Out of the 29, there were only 26 candidates and agents, two returning officer representatives and one police officer.

The local election process and procedures were explained and the police single point of contact regarding fraud etc was revealed.

Postal voters were reported to be the highest rate in England at 88,751, and these were to be sent out first class on 8 May, recent statistics show electorate is 538,980.

Following the meeting, I was able to wish the Hyde Park Labour candidate a happy birthday, and pointed out a few issues, regarding numbers nailed on trees.

On the way home, I got canvassed by the TUSC candidate for Hyde Park and Woodhouse and was given a leaflet inviting me to a meeting on 13 April at the Leeds Rifleman pub.

When I got to Jenny C house in Chapel Allerton, the UKIP Euro Leaflet had been received, all six pages of it plus a poster? It is a very good publication.

Why did up to 328 campaigners fail to attend their first council type meeting? flu, bubonic plague, no expenses can be claimed?

Maybe registered parties should make attendence at candidate briefings a condition of nomination?





Candidate Briefing Meeting Town Hall Tomorrow

The election process has started, candidates and Agents from both local and euro campaigns have been invited to Leeds Town Hall Monday to learn of how the campaign is regulated, the law, policing and codes of conduct.

There is one interesting part of election law that makes giving false statements about candidates  a criminal offence.

I am advising anyone who might be tempted to do this regarding my candidacy, they will be reported to the appropriate enforcement agency.

Peace, my Blogs will be updated daily now the campaign is launched!

Alan Leslie Procter Is On Linkedin – Ukip Moortown Candidate 2014

Well, I am new to this blog business, I have being trying to update my linkedin page in advance of the forthcoming election campaign, regarding skills and education etc.

Details on

This is a draft version that has a few mistakes in it but lets give it a go?

My present responsibilites are as a Carer, Chairman of Leeds Railway Pensioners, Delegate to Leeds council Autism Partnership Board, Ukip Candidate Moortown, voluntary worker at NHS as a member of the Council of Governors of the Leeds & York NHS Partnership Trust.









Alan Leslie Procter Is UKIP Candidate for Moortown Leeds!

Thanks for waiting, the Leeds council election nominations have been published, and I am standing for election in Moortown ward, just over the trees of Adel.

The UKIP party have very strong rules about campaign material being approved.

Getting nominated meant meeting party officials and signing a form that discloses my blogs, facebook and other things.

I have to look in my closet for skeletons, and make sure I have never been a violent racist or anti democratic person!

The unique point of the UKIP is that they refuse membership to former BNP, EDL etc.

The next event is the council candidates briefing in the Town Hall monday, then meeting party officials regarding the campaign plan later!