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Eastleigh By Election Two Horses, Will They Fall? Will a Tosser Have To Spin A Coin?

The poll closes soon, and the two wright wing parties are necking? The third right wing lower class party labour have had their day, but where will UKIP. be, probably in front of labour and the nuisance parties?

I don’t like the so called minority parties being sidelined and excluded from hustings etc!

I am very impressed by the proposal to change the name of the local airport to “Fanny Hill” or alternatively “Benny Hill” by the far left upper class twits.

Maybe it will be so close as to need the spin of a coin but Eastleigh is a Railway town, and the expulsion of the RMT Union from Labour is an old issue, that will cause labour to lose in a spectacular way? Stuff the tories, bury labour, give dem libs the job and they will let Eastleigh down again! Another Lib Dem Letdown?

The chance of a recount in this election is so high I have no intention of stopping up and sleeping through it?

Prediction- Recounts 2 – Spoiled papers will beat BNP, NHS will do well!

I am very impressed by the support from RMT for Daz Procter! Darren, but English Democracy wins every time worldwide?


Horsforth Broadfields By Election : Waste of Money

There is a By Election close to my home in Horsforth Broadfields Ward on 28 March. I thought about standing in it and got all the papers. I spoke to a Labour Councillor for that Ward yesterday John Garvani . After he let me know the details of the job, and how Town Councils operate, I concluded I did not want to stand for election there. Also, after talking about the possibility of a Holt Park Parish or Town Council,along with a few other politicians of mixed parties, I believe there is no point in doing it at present! : Waste of money!

It emerges that Labour called the Broadfields by election, someone contacted me who was interested contacted me on Nominations for Broadfields Ward need to be in on 28 February morning. The same day as the big by election in Eastleigh.

If a reader believes the Broadfield By Election is Value for money, why not get a nomination pack from the town hall? get a proposer and seconder, and enter public life?